The importance of a company look can not be overstated. Everyone recognizes Apple’s apple and Target’s target. Once viewers become familiar with your company’s brand, they’ll know immediately it’s you when they receive your mailer or see your ad. These things reflect the personality of your company and build the strength of your name in the memories of potential customers.
Pine Run Community

Freedom Theater
New Freedom Theatre, Pennsylvania’s oldest African-American theatre, wanted a fresh look to venerate their roots, yet convey the energy of their modern theatre and school, and appeal to a wide audience.

Pritchard Design toured the facilities and discussed their needs, then researched traditional African symbology, color usage and graphic patterns. Laura used a pattern that simulates traditional African woven fabric in the updated logo, and vibrant colors and tribal symbols throughout the visual identity. This tactic allowed the nod to the theatre’s African roots to play out subtly throughout the piece, while allowing the vitality of its modern incarnation to shine through.

Freedom Theater