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Effective Infographic Design for Impact Statement

Lenape Valley Foundation was founded in 1958 to provide mental health and substance abuse services to the Bucks County community. More than just therapy, they have since expanded their services to include early intervention, intellectual disability services, walk-in crisis services, education, and more. They serve thousands of people a year.

Information Presentation

Statistical and financial accomplishments may be the most important information a foundation wants people to absorb. But it’s easy for information to be dull when presented as lists. Lively infographics make it more engaging and understandable.


Stakeholders at Lenape Valley Foundation requested the use of an infographic to represent their reach in Bucks County. Visual depiction of information makes it easier and quicker to comprehend. Illustrative graphics tell part of the story at a glance.


Pritchard Design expanded these strategies across the statement. Icons describe the topic to be read. Color and type size variation draw the eye to a paragraph. And logos represent loyal grantmakers to enhance recognition for the foundation and in the public.

More for Lenape Valley Foundation

Impact Statement Icons

Easily recognizable icons represent the ages of people served.

Lenape Valley Foundation Impact Graphics

Graphic Illustrations

Simple graphic illustrations inform before reading details.

Main Brochure

Lenape Valley Foundation’s new brochure is simple and clean to make it easily readable. The cover image shows the wide range of people they help, with large web address and phone number so they can be easily reached.

Crisis Brochure

The new crisis brochure is the first in a series of informational collateral color coded for each area of the foundation. As one in a family, it relates to the main brochure with a representative image and large contact information for quick use during a crisis.

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