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High School Drone Program Identity

Office Depot’s Edu-Drone program was designed as an introductory course to Unmanned Aircraft Systems for high school curriculum. Students learn details about different drone models and characteristics, as well as which to use for different applications. Hands-on learning give students real world experience.A variety of commercial uses are covered, preparing students for work after graduation. Designed by Roscoe Collegiate ISD, students are prepared to take the FAA certification exam for commercial use of drones at the end of this course.

Logo Design

The Edu-Drone logo was designed to combine the technology of the drone with the solidity of education. The sleek drone illustration is anchored by the name of the program with EDU in simple block letters and DRONE in a typeface which suggests technology.

Brand Design

Pritchard Design created the visual image for all other materials to be contemporary, yet slick. Photography of varied drone models illustrated guides and reports, showing them being used over farms, cities, factories, and oceans. These images describe the diverse uses for these aircraft.


The classroom requires 104 teacher lesson guides, quizzes, tests, and PowerPoint presentations which include instructor notes where needed. We designed and produced all of these as a cohesive system.

More for Edu-Drone

EduDrone Instructional Guide

Instructional Guide

The instructional guide consists of curriculum overview, information about the FAA certification, and class-by-class guides to one and two semester courses. All of this information is presented against a background of drone imagery.

EduDrone State Alignment

State Standard Alignment Reports

Reports show all specific state standard alignment addressed within the Edu-Drone program. As part of the Edu-Drone family, the design relates to the Instructional Guide and other collateral.

EduDrone Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Each lesson plan lays out teacher lessons clearly including objectives, pointers, all standards addressed, and slide-by-slide descriptions of PowerPoint presentations. Lesson plans, tests, quizzes, and student handouts all maintain the Edu-Drone brand while conforming to the required formats.

EduDrone Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint Presentations

Each PowerPoint presentation follows the same look. Graphics and diagrams aid in visualizing lesson content and facilitate student engagement.

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