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Fry’s Run Watershed Association is a non-profit organization made up of a small group of volunteers who do hands-on work to improve and protect the land and water around Fry’s Run Watershed in Williams Township, near Easton, PA. In addition, they reach out to people in the community to teach them beneficial practices for land and water preservation.


As a resident of Williams Township, Laura Pritchard became friends with Bob Schmidt, President of FRWA Board of Directors, and his wife Eileen. When they decided to begin holding outreach and fundraising events for Fry’s Run, they asked Laura to create the promotional materials.

Brand Design

At the initial meeting in 2018, we were given the details of the debut event which was dubbed “Streamside Tour.” See samples below. we created a look for the flyer and yard signs that were vibrant and eye-catching, depicting the subject of the event with a contemporary look. The beautiful existing logo designed by Maxfield Design was made a central point to build the brand.

Growth and consistency

Subsequent events maintained the look to build recognition, changing the color scheme based on the subject matter. 2021’s event being “Family Fun,” we used a bright orange pulled from the logo to imply energy and summer fun.

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2021 Family Fun Event Yard Signs

In addition to flyers shared in the area, yard signs were strategically placed for people driving by. After having to skip a 2020 event due to COVID, the bright orange signs were especially effective.

FRWA Streamside Tour Flyer

2018 Streamside Tour Flyer

The Association’s first event in 2018 included streamside tours of Fry’s Run. Most of the watershed is on private property and homeowners generously hosted visitors.

2019 Watershed Event

The 2019 event was held at Mariton Wildlife Preserve, Numerous local experts spoke, teaching about watersheds, rain barrels, and preparing property for water runoff.

2018 Streamside Tour Yard Signs

The debut event yard signs drew attention from passers-by who attended the event to learn about water life in Fry’s Run and purchase native plants.

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