Large Format

Eye-catching Design for Distance Viewing

Designing for large formats is very different from designing for pieces that people choose to view. These pieces need to attract attention away from everything around them and be readable from distances.


When Pritchard Design first met with Pine Run marketing, they needed a cohesive look to represent the community.

Keeping a larger system in mind, we produced a lush design for the first brochure, portraying the natural beauty of their campuses, following visual requirements for viewing by seniors. Large photographs of seniors encouraged viewers to place themselves in this beautiful atmosphere.

Brand Design

The brand was expanded and used for all Community brochures and flyers. Pritchard Design grew with Pine Run’s ever broader marketing plans, creating invitations for events like French-themed Luncheons, and the annual Art Show and Fall Festival. Event graphics strayed from the specific identity, but always maintained the community’s sophistication and warmth.

Growth and consistency

Over the past decade, Pritchard Design has worked closely with the marketing team, progressing the look across print and web design. With custom photography and other refinements and updates, Pine Run’s visual brand became more specific to their needs. Design for all levels of care, independent living, assisted living, rehab, and the health center, continued the versatile look. Applied to print and the web, all pieces continually express Pine Run’s ethic and strive to appeal to potential residents.

More for Large Format

Pine Run Community Signs

Pine Run is a retirement community located on a well-traveled back road. The 76″ x 48″ sign at the main entrance needs to be dynamic enough to catch the eye of cars traveling past. We have done a variety of signs for this spot, highlighting everything from talented associates to event announcements.

Large Format Banner Stands

Banner Stands

We have created a variety of banner stands for use at trade shows, in lobbies, and at entrances. It’s important that they be especially appealing as they have to draw people in from what they are already doing or looking at. At the same time, they need to convey their message quickly.

Outdoor Banners and Yard Signs

Outdoor large format banners and yard signs use much of the same design theory as outdoor signs, drawing people in from a distance. But they also need to be much simpler so viewers can take in the message at a glance. We have created different types with varying messages, all short, graphic, and striking, to attract interest.

Hendrixson’s Furniture Truck Wrap

Hendrixson’s Furniture wanted to convey the sophistication and beauty of their heirloom furniture while driving their delivery truck to clients. The final design carries large images of single signature pieces, carrying the advertising brand created by Pritchard Design onto the road.

Simplicity is often the best strategy

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