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Senior Living Community Brochure System

Pine Run Community is a continuing care senior community that prioritizes health, but also quality of life. A fixture in the community since 1976, residents are encouraged to attend local events, participate in the Chamber of Commerce, and support other local organizations. The Pine Run campus acts as an oasis that appeals to nature lovers and has always maintained an atmosphere that encourages artistic appreciation and endeavors.

“Laura Pritchard’s approach to design included face-to-face meetings and on-site visits to absorb the emotional charge of planned campaigns and to produce multiple deliverables.

Each project considered our residential options and senior living services and resulted in positive referrals and sales activity that increased year after year.”

Barbara Chierici, Pine Run Community Senior Director of Marketing, retired


When Pritchard Design first met with Pine Run marketing, they needed a cohesive look to represent the community.

Keeping a larger system in mind, we produced a lush design for the first brochure, portraying the natural beauty of their campuses, following visual requirements for viewing by seniors. Large photographs of seniors encouraged viewers to place themselves in this beautiful atmosphere.

Brand Design

The brand was expanded and used for all Community brochures and flyers. Pritchard Design grew with Pine Run’s ever broader marketing plans, creating invitations for events like French-themed Luncheons, and the annual Art Show and Fall Festival. Event graphics strayed from the specific identity, but always maintained the community’s sophistication and warmth.

Growth and consistency

Over the past decade, Pritchard Design has worked closely with the marketing team, progressing the look across print and web design. With custom photography and other refinements and updates, Pine Run’s visual brand became more specific to their needs. Design for all levels of care, independent living, assisted living, rehab, and the health center, continued the versatile look. Applied to print and the web, all pieces continually express Pine Run’s ethic and strive to appeal to potential residents.

“Laura’s intentional familiarity with Pine Run’s business lends particular value to the effectiveness of our campaign pieces.

In my role as the external marketer for Pine Run’s Health Center, I saw Laura’s work strengthen our relationship with the clinicians and keep their referrals to Pine Run strong.”

Vicki Bosler, Director of Business Development, Pine Run Community

More for Pine Run Community

Wait List Application

As a highly desirable community, as shown in the Best of 2021 Winners Poster, Pine Run needed an official wait list application for potential residents. With a beautiful cottage interior on the cover, the application includes contact information, desired residence, and terms and conditions for potential residents to complete.

Pine Run Best of 2021 Winners Poster

Best of 2021 Winners Poster

As winners of The Intelligencer newspaper’s local “Best of Bucks-Mont” contest in 15 categories, and finalists in two, Pritchard Design created this celebratory poster for Pine Run to share in house for residents to see.

Superheroes ad

We worked closely with the Pine Run Marketing Director to create this ad hailing associates during COVID. With the cheerful driver for Pine Run Lakeview as the anchor image, insets showed associates in many areas of the community working away with their masks on.

76″ x 48″ sign

The large sign on the main road where Pine Run sits gives them a great opportunity to share news about the community. This one announces the annual Fall Festival which to which the public is invited. The image shows a Pine Run associate enjoying ice cream at a previous festival.

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