Large Format

Eye-catching Design for Distance Viewing

Designing for large formats is very different from designing for pieces that people choose to view. These pieces need to attract attention away from everything around them and be readable from distances.

Designing for Large Formats

Designing for large formats such as billboards, banners, and vehicle wraps is very different from design for other pieces that are seen close up. The intent is to draw attention from what a viewer is doing to make an announcement, inform, draw them in a particular direction, or encourage future action. Brand recognition is an important part of vehicle wraps as they drive through traffic. There are also technical considerations in the creation of the final product.

Vital Characteristics

Since signs, banners and the like are viewed from a distance and usually in active zones, they must be simple and direct. Attract Attention. This is more important here than anywhere. Bold. Colorful. The face of a person your demographic can relate to. Large headline and contact information to read within seconds. These are the ideas behind large format work.


Pritchard Design has created many large format pieces for a variety of businesses, as you can see below. As always, each piece is designed specifically for the client’s message and demographic. The brand is key. These visuals will be seen quickly and must be remembered and then recognized when seen again in another format such as advertising, web sites, and flyers.

More for Large Format

Pine Run Community Signs

Pine Run Community Signs

Pine Run is a retirement community located on a well-traveled back road. The 76″ x 48″ sign at the main entrance needs to be dynamic enough to catch the eye of cars traveling past. We have done a variety of signs for this spot, highlighting everything from talented associates to event announcements.

Large Format Banner Stands

Banner Stands

We have created a variety of banner stands for use at trade shows, in lobbies, and at entrances. It’s important that they be especially appealing as they have to draw people in from what they are already doing or looking at. At the same time, they need to convey their message quickly.

Outdoor Large Format

Outdoor Banners and Yard Signs

Outdoor large format banners and yard signs use much of the same design theory as outdoor signs, drawing people in from a distance. But they also need to be much simpler so viewers can take in the message at a glance. We have created different types with varying messages, all short, graphic, and striking, to attract interest.

Large Format Truck Wrap

Hendrixson’s Furniture Truck Wrap

Hendrixson’s Furniture wanted to convey the sophistication and beauty of their heirloom furniture while driving their delivery truck to clients. The final design carries large images of single signature pieces, carrying the advertising brand created by Pritchard Design onto the road.

Simplicity is often the best strategy

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